Friday, November 26, 2010

Nassau to San Francisco

These pictures are soooo long overdue but better late than never. These are a few pictures of a recap of Kee's visit to the city. He loved it, I mean really how can you not but we all had a great time. We took wayyy too many photos that weekend but memories had to be caught. Linds and I introduced him to some of the classic movies like Anchorman, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, etc. I could't believe he hadn't seen them....fail, but now he's caught up to 2010! He also got acquainted with Thai food, Polk Street, The Warf. and the good old San Francisco hills! Then he rekindled his love with Cold Stone, Pizza by the slice and some overdue shopping. Anyway it was a really good time and got some sightseeing in that I hadn't done since I moved here. Welcome to San Francisco.


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