Monday, February 28, 2011

Ugh Tuesday

As Tuesday, which is the new Monday, approaches in three minutes, this is exactly how I feel.
Tuesday, you used to be an okay day, but now that you've replaced Monday, you drain me.
The plus is that there are only two days following you until the weekend, so the countdown
starts again.
Thursday, we will meet soon until then, I need to add to the DONE pile, pronto.

Bon nuit,

I Wish That I Could Have This Moment 4 Life


Lazy Saturday

Converse are some of the most comfortable shoes given to man. They don't offer a ton of arch support but they are the type of shoe that give your feet a day off. I had to replace my all black Chucks as they were just too dirty to be saved with these black and white checkered pair. Upgrade! This was my Saturday of just walking around and a few leisurely activities outfit. It was very comfortable and layered which was perfect for the freezing weather we had over the weekend. Also I got new gloves that were on sale, which make them even better, in of corse my favorite color!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Burgundy Suited

Loving the Burgundy suit Drizzy rocked to the pre-Grammy's Awards party. He's really getting it right these days.
photos via http://allthings-fresh.net/blog


U Smile

Linds and I watched his movie Never Say Never, and we kind of go the sniffles for him. Definitely not the full blown Bieber fever but he is actually talented and and just a teenager. The movie shines a different light on him so we're into the Biebs. I'm sure you'll see more Bieber posts but he's not so bad after all and I love this song.

Giuseppe Me, S'il Vous Plaît

I am in love with the color of my new Giuseppe Zanotti's. The shoe itself is a simple silhouette but the color caught my eye immediately. They have now been crowned a 3-4 hours (of comfort) shoe, good for meetings and/or dinners but maybe not the best choice for a lengthly evening of dancing and walking the San Francisco hills. They are attention getting because of the lavender-ish gray shade, they liven up any outfit and make me yearn for (real) spring weather even more. Linds and I are also looking for this nail color this spring, any suggestions of where it could be found are welcomed and appreciated.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fashionable Drizzy

photos via http://allthings-fresh.net/blog
Um yes! Drizzy is wearing leopard print. That is all.

Hello, I Live Here

Last weekend I had to style a shoot for a photography student in the Masters program. It was quite last minute but everything worked out regardless. The weather was horrid the whole of last week so the shoot was moved indoors and thank God because the house was absolutely beautiful. It was like the moment when Carrie walked into the penthouse in Sex and the City and said, "Hello, I live here." Linds and I immediately had that moment as the front door swung open. We took a ton of photos and Linds took some behind the scene shots. Enjoy and yes, I know I wanted to move in also.

Below are some of the photo's Carmen shot for her All American concept shoot. Enjoy!
Photography: Carmen Campos
Styling: Tatum Pia Williams
Model: Adam Mulvihill


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