Monday, January 31, 2011

Catching Up Sunday

Sunday was a great day. Started off with a great brunch and catch up session with la Sara, which is always entertaining. Also she got the sickest denim jacket (that she's wearing below) at a thrift shop in the Mission that turned out being vintage Givenchy, what a find, I'm jealous! Then chilled for the rest of the day with Linds and a few others. All the pictures that have a bit of distortion/ blur was done by Lindsay with the camera alone, no photoshop. I really liked the effect but I couldn't get it to work for her photo's when I was behind the camera....fail. All in all it was perfect amount of laughter and relaxation, just like a Sunday should be.


A few random photo's from being back in SF.                       

Marvelous Monday

image via thxthxthx.com
I think this is the best way to look at Monday's in order to keep slightly chipper. It's funny my mom always takes off Monday's from the office and now in my class schedule, Monday did not make the cut! It's so much better starting the week on a Tuesday anyway.
Happy Monday you over achievers!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

In case anyone was in a need of a reason to get out of bed on this lovely Saturday.

Have a great one!

New Stock

Marc by Marc Jacobs Patent Leather Boots

Aww I love getting pretty presents! Thanks Linds.

So Long, Farewell

Last night at home went for sushi, finally, chilled out and packed. It was a good ending to almost 2 months at home. Getting into school mode isn't going to be easy but it's about that time. Last spring semester, ever! Uh oh that means real life is around the corner....


Friday, January 28, 2011

Lemon Lime Tank Time

  1. Lemon lime is such an awesome color.
  2. Lemon lime sneakers are even better!
  3. When you wear prints you know it's going to be an amazinggg (with three g's) day.
  4. Shorts and a tank in January? See why I can't complain too much?!
  5. On the contrary this was my second to last day home buttttttt luckily I was heading back to San Francisco so it's a little less sad.

See there is always some good in a mediocre situation. That is all.

Harbour Island Day Two: Feasting & Beaching

Since our last day was a shorter one as we had to be on the boat by 3:30 the pictures are much less. Day two was more of a day of feasting and catching up but we of corse got some beach in before we left. We had the typical Bahamian dishes starting the day off with Tuna and Grits with homemade bread and guava jam. That jam was like God's gift. Shortly after we hit the beach for a little and saw some of the set up for the wedding before we left. Finally went to Harry O's by the dock which in fact had the best crack conch I've ever eaten in my life and I've had a good amount of it. It melted in our mouths but I didn't put my fork down long enough to get a photo, my bad. Definitely my number one eating recommendation for H.I. Next to Harry O's was Queen Conch where everyone else got conch salad which was also excellent. Finally it was time to bid adieu to our little last minute getaway and head back to the capital. Until next time Harbour Island.
Tuna and Grits at Avery's
Guava Jam and Homemade bread
Chels and her nephew Adam
Conch Shells behind Queen Conch
Conch Salad

Oh so clear.
Bye, Bye!


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