Thursday, January 6, 2011


I felt a little nerdy today and I have no clue why. Went for a little drive and some real Bahamian food that my body isn't entirely used to eating, yet it tasted great going down. I was cleaning out my closets and found my old green Converse hiding in the back. Though they are pretty dirty, I love them all the same. My black ones were unacceptable to even preserve. They got me through some cold ones in Canada. I need to reinvest in another pair. I've worn these chucks for the past two days since I found them. The color is just brilliant (though if they lime green would make them even better). It was just a super comfy day. The last photo's are of some Christmas lights I just noticed at a neighbors house, I captured while the car was moving. Lights are so awesome, especially in motion.


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