Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Curiosity Killed The Fur

"Man Sumarni captures Anna Iaryn in luxurious furs for the December 28th issue of WWD." Everything about these photos are intriguing. The lighting, the fur, the softness and the subdued yet bright colors. I'm in love. I like the feel of strolling around a city at night wearing your best furs, being adventurous. Warm, comfortable yet making a statement now matter the hour. The street lights and signs give every city a different vibe at night which is pictured so soft and luring. 
Curiosity is what happens after 2am.

ps. I didn't make it on here before this time but happy MLK day (technically yesterday) Thank you King for the dream and movement that allows us freedom, goals, hope and belief each and everyday! RIP

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