Sunday, January 2, 2011

Comfort Is Their Name

I know I've commented about comfortable shoes before, but these top the chart and guess why? They are from Areosoles (Patrole Car Boots). Yeah, I didn't think I would ever buy anything from there but they've been getting some better styling lately. They have the flats in this print also that I want. These little booties have the perfect heel height and the padding on the inside is just a cloud. Fashionable and comfort... why can't more designers get this memo? These pictures are the worst quality of life and they are a little dated (hence holiday cups at Starbucks still). It was in the period where I didn't have my camera charger so photography was left to the blackberry. It was just a simple, laid back evening (and outfit) of drinks and Starbucks and the last 2 photo's were from the night before that, right after I cut my hair. Check out Areosoles for real though, they've been improving slowly.


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