Friday, January 21, 2011

Frolic Me Blue

There's days where outside is your best bet. Finally it felt like it was Nassau at Christmas, well actually it felt more like summer. The second I saw the sun peaking through my windows, it was go time and I prayed for no wind. Maxi dresses are such a staple for island life because:
a) they can go over a swimsuit in .2 seconds
b) they are insanely comfortable and 
c) they blow perfectly in the sea breeze while one frolics. 
Clearly, c) was crucial yesterday. My Canada trip was cancelled so it looked like I had to take sand instead of snow, not a bad trade huh? Anyway, huge fail as I was aiming for this to be a 30 days of shoes post, but somehow something crucial is missing from these photos... can you see it now? Good. 
I owe y'all. Tomorrow I'm off to Harbour Island, Eleuthera for the night with some friends, and my boat leaves at 8amEST (why am I awake?) I'll have wayyyy too many photo's when I get back, get ready!


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