Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Today especially, I really took notice of objects, people; things, that are constantly in front of us yet they are perceived as something else. They may wear "masks" or one may not care to take the time to really look, but there they are. The picture above are jellyfish, right? So deep in an ocean that their colors shine neon. To some yes, it is that simple and that is all there is to it. To a fashion designer, this may be the next print of their Spring collection or a highly photoshopped image a photographer played around with combining space and the ocean or even the inspiration or perfect image for an ad campaign. Most times we look at what is only the surface but if we really take the time to see, there are so many other layers and options that constantly have to take a backseat. Unleash.

ps. Today, well technically yesterday, seemed to be a day offering a good amount of changes and luck, maybe it's the date (11/1/11)! Chances were finally given and opportunities will hopefully soon be had, fingers crossed!

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