Friday, January 14, 2011

Dear Bank Account,

I know we've had an off and on relationship. I fill you up, then I bring you down. Season after season we have this back and fourth and at times it must not feel at all fair. This is where I agree to disagree and why I am here. It's always good to have someone to boost you up, raise you higher and higher, but like Humpty Dumpty, at some point all things tumble on down. (insert *tear drop here) Trust me, if I could keep your numbers high 24/7, oh this would make me happier than you but each season there are essentials I need, like wedges, booties, faux fur, blazers and animal print anything for instance. Yes, I have all of these things you always chime in, but the shiny windows of the street stores sparkle and lure me in. Self control you say? Hmm, easier said than done. You try walk past a sale at DSW or ignore the gorgeous sparkle of the new Deborah Lippmann nail polish. Now do you kind of understand? 

I thought it was only fair to put this all in perspective and prepare you for the season ahead. Yes, it's a warmer one so maybe I'll need less clothes you hope, not likely, but I'll let you know. Anyway enjoy feeling full now as I'm on my remote island but in San Francisco, your chances are looking slim.
photo via weheartit.com
Hopefully you (and Debs) understand,

1 comment:

  1. Debs is definitely not gettin' it. Hope Dear Bank Account has a job or refill card.




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