Monday, January 3, 2011

New Years Eve

Do your parents make you stop and take photo's before you go out sometimes? Well my mom does. She's an advocate of the pre-party photo and especially on the new year. So the above photos are the one taken for and by Debs.
Moving on... I felt that just as Debs did to me, I should do the same with one of my bests Renaté. So below are her pre-party photos.
 And the night continues.
First photo of 2011!
I loveee her hair!
This may sound super odd but potato salad and champagne is amazing together. Yes, I'm weird, we've established this, but it was great going down at the end of party number one. Renaté, Kee and I went to two parties and ended at Waterloo that evening but I got a little distracted from pulling out my giant SLR the whole night so the photo's are just from the first party. I seriously need to get my smaller camera for nights out, I am dying for the Nikon p90, but that's another conversation.

In the end it was a really random but fun night. Anywhere with a good group of people will be an A+.

Welcome 2011, I look forward to us doing big things together.


  1. you are looking pretty dang amazing!! And your friends hair!! INCREDIBLE!!!

    Love from,



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