Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Timing is everything and how can we complain,
Complaining is selfish and that's definitely not my thing.
A thing for you is something that I really see I have,
And time is the worst thing that we've always seem to have.

Everything is wrong but it kind of feels right,
Why do we wait until it's up and completely out of sight?
Sight is one of the most important senses,
Cause really, without it, we'd be lost. Empty, helpless.

Couldn't see all we feeling, but we know it's so true,
If our hearts beat red; why's the timing so blue?
Then do we reduce tempo or just increase volume?
Is it all a compromise, or are we ready to just follow it all through?

Damn, our hearts are not something we really wanted to drift apart,
It's been so crazy, right, complicated and interesting from the start.

It's kind of like it was always meant to be,
To simple, stress-free, straight forward and shit, just way too easy.

But how can we justify these feelings so simple,
We have to sit and wonder why it's all coming so natural.

But timing is everything and we really can't complain,
Because honestly, without love there really is no pain.

Searching for truth but you know we just have to wait,
For real, time is the only thing that holds every once of our fate.

Though we trying to solve it, we just have to relax, chill and hold faith,
Cause in the end, time is the only thing we can rely on for true destiny.


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