Saturday, November 20, 2010

Furry and Strapped up

So I pulled these chunk heeled open-toe boots out of the back of closet that I haven't worn in foreverrr. I used to wear them like it was my job but as new shoes come their position in line move back. My brother got them for me about 3 years ago and they are probably some of the most comfortable heels I have. Only downside, they just take a little while to put on with all the straps and buckles, but it's definitely worth it. It was a wet, cold day in the city so I put some socks on to keep my toesy's warm.
Hence the age and wear and tear I can no longer can read the label of the brand of these strapped wonders but I do know they came from Urban Outfitters online store. I want to say they are Deanna and Ozzy, but I can't confirm. Booties, fur and a pop of color... there's nothing better in the fall!


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