Friday, November 26, 2010

Boyfriend Sweaters, Leopard and Lights

Yesterday was so chill but so nice at the same time. Sorry the shoe post didn't make it up yesterday, the itis kicked in after the feast (pictures will be up shortly). We killed it in the kitchen and then headed out to browse the Christmas windows and see Burlesque, which if you haven't watched it... get off that couch NOW and do so. The music was amazing and the story had some awesome sarcasm. Yes, good music (Christina Aguilera and Cher sing in it, helloo) and sarcasm, what are you waiting for? The mall was completely quiet last night so we snuck in some photos after the movie. We had to do it, the Christmas decorations were like a warming wonderland. I'm realizing that I really crush on leopard and plaid together as seen before here, they just compliment each other so well. This is also the debut of my leopard wedge open-toe booties my love got me from Nina Shoes, amazing.

Hope your Thanksgiving was spectacular and your tummy's are still full!

Happy Black Friday all, now get to shopping, if you haven't already.


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