Sunday, November 14, 2010

Kanye vs. Today

This week Kanye went on the Today show to cast an apology and make amends with mistakes he made in the past. Instead of getting to do this the way he'd imagined he was interrupted by clips from last year and voice over while he was trying to make his statement and apologies.

Simple to say he wasn't going to just sit there and let it pass. He opened his mouth and voiced his issues with the interruptions but of corse the media just ran that with "another one of Kanye's rants."

He's just not afraid to voice his opinions and that's all there is to it. When you have all of these things to say built up inside of you, you just want to get them out and he didn't want the jazz and the drama, but hey that's TV (maybe he should have stuck to Twitter).

Matt Lauer went in like a douche after all this went down and obviously again Kanye was the disrespectful one and turned into the villain, but hey he's used to being given this role.

These clips are pretty annoying as you can see the frustration building up in Ye.


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