Saturday, December 18, 2010

Olives and Dolce Vita

Went to lunch yesterday with one of my bests, Amanda (aka Cheeks) at a place called Olives. It was so good. I had a seafood salad with balsamic dressing that I clearly killed (last photo). I'm sure I'll be back for another because I failed on photographing it before due to starvation. I forgot how many shoes I had left at home and these were a pair of my faves. Dolce Vita lace up sandals with a hidden wedge. I got them 2 black friday's ago in Florida and loved them ever since. They are so comfortable and add a little height, perfect for a lunch. So since I don't have Linds here as a photographer most will be self timed (I do what I can). Now it's pouring rain outside which seems to lead to the perfect movie night. Be safe!


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