Monday, December 6, 2010

Ballet Flats...Check

Ballet flats have to be the most comfortable "shoes" ever, at least in the beginning. After a while your feet are a little sore of being sooooo flat to the ground but I like how cute they are. I know these pictures are days late and I've skipped a few but I actually documented the days just didn't have time to post, finals need to end....NOW! This was partially what I wore to my grad meeting the other day, except I had on different shoes (heels then) and opted for these by the end of the night for a little shopping. I felt like a little school girl Friday but it worked for where I was going. Linds and I found some bomb finds at Forever that day. I haven't worn mine yet but you'll see some pics of hers (and mine with time). More posts from the weekend will be up soon. Hope everyone is doing well, time for those straight A's !
Oh ya, the ballet flats were from Payless, a nice cheap purchase (bank account is thrilleddd).

ps. Doubling belts are a fun alternative, try it!


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