Saturday, December 4, 2010

(Almost) All Black Everything

Wayyy too many pics but it happens. All black everything except the scarf (and couch). Have to have the pop of color. Probably one of the most comfy outfits I've worn this month, finals week, c'est la vie. Comfort is the most flattering ensemble I've noticed. Yes, I know I've been slunkin' on the shoe posts but literally my projects have taken over my life and the chances of getting out to take photo's have been smewhat slim. Anyway these wedges were from DSW but they are Steve Madden, way to comfortable to even be heels. I ordered the Dany Jessica Simpson heels yesterday so I'm pretty excited for those babies to come, they are too high to be real but I can't wait. Also Linds and I coped some pretty spectacular shoes tonight, pictures tomorrow. Nighty loves.

ps. My tree nights to be lit. It's no bueno right now...Tomorrow is the day! Procrastination at it's finest.


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