Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas....from the West Coast :)


 I can't believe it's already here. Christmas. Drink it in. My Christmas Eve consisted of working a 10 hour shift then coming home to a care package from MA of course ! She got me my favorite cheesecake from Juniors in Brooklyn, New York. Also I recieved two frozen bags full of Shrimp cakes and Crab cakes...she NAILED IT. I've never felt so spoiled and I'm not even home for Christmas. Anyways, My night slash day tomorrow will consist of good music also known as Pandora Radio ( Christmas station ), Merry Christmas Charlie Brown, and most importantly Elf. How could anyone forget that movie. Will Ferrel is a great assest to holidays. High Fives all around. Even though I am over the moon homesick I will be home shortly and can't wait to see my BEAUTIFUL family...plus Monty and Daisy of course :)
Anyways...back to eating... see you in 2011 treadmill !

ps. the pictures of the Tree is yours truly, Tatums.

Gisella Altuna - Santa Claus is coming to town by ferarca

ps. this song had me chillen, I just was dying to be in a live jazz club.

xoxo Lindsay Amanda

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