Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Clash of Beauty

via http://hautepursuit.tumblr.com/ -- I'm a print freak.
via http://www.wheredidugetthat.com/ -- adore the boots
There is nothing better than a well executed clash of prints,
with lime green on the side.
Clandestine Industries - Pete Wentz clothing line, pretty random
dope stuff.
Simple yet perfect.
Red velvet in a creative way -- need I say more?
Add a little pop to l'eau
I want something of this effect on my walls.
Genius. Best rapper there is.
These nails are so rad, definitely wanting to try some designs out.
Justin has a message for you lames... :)
My other love, interiors.
via http://allthings-fresh.net/
Complementary colors, lights and Drizzy -- you can thank me now.
The Roc is in the building, pure genius.
Bonjour oxfords and leather bag - my closet is missing you both dearly.
Unique, simple and bold.
Great performers and spectacular music.
One of the best cities on earth -- i heart you SF, always.
A few inspirational images I've saved over 1000 on my computer and it's about that time to share some with all of you. They are a tad random but that's how beauty is best captured. Above aren't too out of the ordinary but they all offer different vibes. Beauty is in the I (Yeah, I know it should be eye, but this is my personal reflection and taste so I is the new eye, kapish!) Look out for a little inspiration often and share some of yours, the weirdest things can be most inspiring or simply beautiful if you actually open your eyes. Like the quote says:
Get inspired!

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