Thursday, December 30, 2010

Cheetah Red

Wow the day of shoes have been neglected wayyy too long. I apologize, life just happens sometimes. Any who, I finally got to wear my lovely new red bag my brother got me for Christmas and my cheetah wedges last night. They are so comfortable I am obsessed. Comfort, a solid print, perfect height and surprisingly cheap... thank you Forever 21 you succeeded! Went out for some drinks, music and a little hang sesh with my girls and ended up seeing a lot of people I hadn't really seen in a minute which is always lovely. T'was a good evening over all but had to take it a little easier tonight in preparation for NYE tomorrow. Rest up kiddos and enjoy your last (real) slumber of 2010...... where has time gone?!

ps. excuse the fail of wet-ish, undone hair when these photo's were taken. I got it together, slightly, by the last photo.
As depressed as this has me to say, No Hands was the jam last night. This is exactly the crap Em is talking about is Syllables (haha). I'm so disturbed that I enjoy anything that has to do with Wacka Flocka, or whatever his name is but such is life - Wale's part is the best anyway. Damn you catchy songs.
No Hands (ft. Wale & Roscoe Dash) by Fresh On Campus


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