Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Little Old, A lot of New

A bunch of photo's from a little while ago where we ran into an old friend and made some new ones. The night took an random twist but as always ends up on point. There's a small preview of my shoes from this night but I didn't really document it. There will be an other ensemble with these babies. Linds wedges are a pair she got the other night on our late night shopping spree. That scallop sushi roll was not a keeper. I couldn't do it, wayyy to raw and just no bueno but the mango california roll we adored. Such an awesome night, reminded me of freshman year all over again. Reminded us how much we missed it and Weleh. Take a gander and Happy Wednesday!

ps. Hit up the AAU Basketball game tonight... support your Urban Knights!
Fan bus leaves at 6:30PM

Start of the Lindsay Amanda Show:
And scene.

Best friends? haha
Sewinggg haha CDFP is taking over

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