Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Holiday Season and Hanukkah

Clearly I love this man way too much, but how can I not he is hilarious. The first blog post is talking about enjoying the holiday season without getting too overwhelmed as he is feeling. Wayyy too much goes on during this season when in reality, we all need to just chill out and be merry.
Check it out: Enjoy The Holidays, Damnit

Secondly this is for the Jewish Folks out there. Isaac says Hanukkah needs some glamour like how Christmas and the lighting of the tree is so focused on. Oh and he's 100% ready to direct it all. Watch out 2011, Hanukkah will be the new black. Watch it here: Art-Direct Hanukkah

He's so over dramatic about it all but it's just perfect. A nice little pick me up of the evening!

Happy holidays!

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