Sunday, December 19, 2010

Black White Red Lime Green

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I've been baking a bit since I've been home, too much of a sweet tooth as always. The other night I made chocolate chip cookies, simple yet yummy fresh out of the oven. I was playing around in my room after I came in and took a few random photos. I've literally had these Gucci loafers for about 5 or so years and never worn them, so I figured they deserved a peep show. They are way more comfortable than I remember so they may make their way back to SF as they have some good support (also not too shabby to look at).
Also I finally got with animating my photo's, about damn time so voila! We feasted today at my Christmas lunch number one with the family, it was outrageous. I would upload photo's but my camera died and I have to wait until I get to Florida to get a replacement charger in a few days.. I'm dying. Oh and another note to Mother Nature, this rain is getting played out, thank you.

ps. Can you tell I'm in love with lime green? I love my room!

Have a great Sunday night, cuddle down with the family or some friends.


  1. What a remarkable post! Those shoes are awesome. Gucci loafers?!!! I didn't know they existed.

    I wish I could bake, though! Those cookies look absolutely scrumptious. I am literally drooling!


    Best wishes from one blogger to another,




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