Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Windows

Saks Fifth Avenue Windows
Macy's Windows

Tiffany & Co. Windows
Williams-Sonoma Window:

I loveeeeeee Christmas window displays! These pictures are a bit dated, I totally forgot that we had even taken them but these were a few store we browsed in Union Square. Macy's has the besttttt windows this year with out a doubt. Super interactive and mainly made out of paper but most importantly they have puppies and kittens roaming in the windows and you can adopt them. Christmas decorations and a good cause? High-five Macy's high-five. Saks finally did something well with their accessories windows they were delicious. Tiffany & Co. were super creative also, it's like a fairy tale as you go from window to window. Warning: good luck guys if you walk past those with your girl, you will probably need to put a ring on it after.


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