Wednesday, December 29, 2010

LIV South Beach

Stolen from Candice -- thank youu!
Florida trip came to an end last night but I definitely had some great times while I was there. I met up with my long time friend Chelsea and we hit of LIV at the Fountainebleau Hotel in South Beach on Boxing Day for her friend Candice's 23rd! This has to be the first time I've gone out on a Sunday in forever. It was a really nice club which of corse started out pretty pretentious but it got better with time, literally. The later it got the less people were starting at each other and started to loosen up. There were a lot of random celebs that night like Kelly Rowland, Serena Williams, Johnathan Cheban, DJ Khaled, Weezy and a few more from YMCM. 
My little random story of the night is that Lil Wayne literally ran into me as he was coming into the club. As he, Birdman, Mack Mane and few others rushed in the back door, I was walking back to our table and he hit right into me in the chaos of it all. Embarrassing enough I didn't even look to see who it was and was just like WTF (hands up and all) then I felt a little bad as he seemed pretty nice. Ah well it happens but it was a solid night in the end. Most impressive part was how all the celebs just blended in and didn't need to be sectioned off or put in a special spot. Made it little less stuffy and just a good time to enjoy the music, which by the way was on point!
Oh and I got a little to into the brilliant ever changing lighting in the place and opted for no flash for many of the pictures. Yes many are blurry but bare with me, I can be weird.
DJ Khaled
Johnathan Cheban - http://www.commandpr.com/
Birthday Girllllll

In the end, LIV on Sunday's is a good decision and thanks to Terry for the hook up!!

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  1. There's plenty of south beach clubs that can top the list. The Miami Beach nightlife is know to also attract top DJ's from around the world!



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