Saturday, March 12, 2011

Burnt Orange, Blue & A Little Champagne Too

I couldn't wait to wear them. Originally I wanted to pair a white dress with them, 
but the weather was a little iffy so I went with the white pants. The boots are
soo comfortable and the color is a slice of heaven. The photo's don't even show 
exactly the right hue but close enough. I want to wear them everyday, in  
every color, but that would just get ridiculous. 

We went to Saks in between classes
on Thursday for a promo event for Reed Krakoff, who honestly knows what 
to do with leather, whether it be shoes or handbags, the man is a genius.
The visual merchandising of the windows were what drew us in. Reed's line
of windows were so not Saks as they were actually noteworthy. 
He's officially one of my favorite accessories designers and surprisingly
we made a few homies at Saks, who would have ever thought.

Thursday, I learned that a little champagne in the afternoon
never hurt anyone. It added a little pop to the rest of the day, try it out
in moderation of corse, just a glass.

Finally I learned that I'm still in love with mini coopers and I need one
in my life as soon as possible. It's the perfect city car and this blue one
was the perfect complimentary color to my boots, just saying.


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