Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hotel Kabuki

Hotel Kabuki is a slice of heaven. It works like a spa, an instant feeling 
of clam through the hotel, I'm sure it has something to do with the zen garden
in the center of the premisses. 
The hotel has it's modern touches but stays true to it's theme.
The rooms vary from size, to shape to amenities but they are all gorgeous,
in a very simple way. The color scheme is mostly neutral except orange as
an accent color. I'm sold. Being there made me want sushi, obviously, but I just fell
in love with the place and the staff as I viewed each style of one bedrooms
and a suite, which included a sauna en suite. Nailed it. This place is all about
the little things and after hectic days, simple is exactly what I crave.
Of corse I decided to take my photos of the day there, I couldn't resist!

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