Thursday, March 17, 2011

ATTN: Guys, Boys, Dudes, Men, Blokes

"Having a good sense of style, in my opinion, is the ability to bring things together 
in an unexpected and original way, being creative with aspects such as 
fit, proportion, fabric, layering, accessories, etc. in order to 
create an image that is uniquely your own."

Meet Dan Trepanier aka SB

He's the creator of TheStyleBlogger.com
What's so good about him you're probably wondering?
1. He's Canadian
2. He can play basketball (recruited to Columbia Uni. on a scholarship)
3. The man can dress.
4. Jock turned fashion advocate, yes please.

Attention all males, you need to add this to your bookmarks.
His blog is an easy read, great tips, a bunch of photos and
his style is simple but chic.

Good clothes don't make the man, but it sure is a good start.
Check it out!


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