Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Okay Starbucks, I'm BOYCOTTING you.

Okay so since I've been back in the city, of course I have returned to my usual Starbucks routine of a 
Venti Skinny Vanilla Soy Caramel Macciatio. Which means a large sugar free soy milk caramel macciatio. It's straight perfection, and only 160 calories. YES I KNOW! Anyways, The barista's have officially failed numerous occasions. I find it so hard to believe that when I spell my name out to them...
     L I N D S AY..they can't come through for me....I have since documented my uproar of this nonsense. Starbucks, consider yourself on probation.. I have had enough.

Ps. I wouldn't have this much of an issue if San Francisco had Dunkin' Donuts..but that's a whole other argument I can't bare to expand on. It's so heartbreaking.

R.I.P. Spring Break 2011


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