Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hydration 101

Hydration is so crucial and we rarely consume enough (healthy) fluids.
It's been debated many a time if coconut water after a workout beats out 
the sports drink and/or is actually healthy. Tonight after spin class I decided
too indulge in a little after noticing that 1.7 fl oz. is only 90 calories, total.
It's pretty refreshing and filling, surprisingly. It is supposed to hydrate 
and contain 15 times the electrolytes as compared to sports drinks like
Gatorade and more potassium than 2 bananas which helps speed 
up the metabolism. But like anything, who really knows. 
If you like the taste great, sip it down, you're not really 
losing anything. If not, continue to consume your Gatorade 
or whatever post workout regiment and do what you have to do 
but so far I love the fact  that is there isn't a burst of sugar 
like sports drinks but it's not just plain water.
 Though a real coconut is your best  bet,
 until then Vita Coco seems like a safe 
and refreshing choice.

Happy Hydrating!

ps. They also have a pretty sweet little marketing blurb on the 
back of each package.


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