Monday, March 21, 2011

Jamaica in Bahamas

The pictures from my friend, Vaz's trip are kind of limited to one evening as her trip
was wayyyyy to short in my opinion. Anyway these photo's are from Saturday night
in Aura. It's was good to catch up with her and I couldn't believe how much time had passed
since we'd last seen each other but nevertheless it all fell back into place as if a day
hadn't gone by... aka true friendship. I also got to hang with her bf and a few of her 
friends, some I'd known for a while a couple new ones who were fun and highly entertaining. 
Just all reallyyy dope people. As I said before the trip was just too short so another will
need to be made for sure. More time to chill with them all would have been solid
but it was still a good time regardless!

"Good friends are like stars, 
you don't always see them but you know they're there."

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