Saturday, March 5, 2011

Nostalgia pt. 1

Looking through the endless photo's I have taken this semester alone, I feel a sense of nostalgia already. With a little less than three months to go, it is really sinking in. These moments here are becoming my last, at least for my undergrad education and who knows what comes next. The three years at the Academy have flown extremely fast though it has been an entertaining ride. Attending the end of the season for the boys basketball team on Thursday night, I looked around realizing that this was my last game here. The last time I'd watch a few of my friends play a game they love and also the last time I would watch as an undergrad student. As the months count down, it's scary not knowing what to expect and wondering where the time has gone but also exciting as what is to come. This summer will be one of the most important of my life and I aim only for success. San Francisco has been one of the best experiences and I never want to let it go but at least for the summer I will have to trade the steep hills for busy subways and classrooms for magazine offices. Here's to hoping I learned a lot and more importantly hoping that I never forget.

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