Thursday, January 13, 2011


Love, love, loveeee these sandals. People constantly wonder how they stay on your feet so nicely intact but they always do without fail or discomfort. When they are worn with jeans, the lace up straps are hidden by the denim, making it look like just the rose is keeping your foot on the sole causing such an illusion and question marks across a lot of faces. Perfect. I got them in Jamaica two summers ago. Whenever I go there I stock up on sandals manufactured by Bridget Sandals. They are an amazing little company. Their shoes are homemade, very original, fashionable and comfortable. If you ever have the chance to get to Kingston, go get a pair (and a patty) or invest in some Jamaican friends (you'll always have a good time). It's more rewarding because not a lot of people have them (when you're not in Jamaica that is) making them feel even more special. I think I'm up to about four or five different pairs by the company, yeah I definitely have a problem. I got to wear a romper today in cobalt blue which is such a gorgeous rich color, that paired with sunshine can be blinding, but in a good way. Another simple random day... oh island living.


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