Wednesday, October 27, 2010


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I know, I know Linds just went in on a cute post to the family and here I am with an ode to Kanye West, whatever you know you secretly dig him too. He is just an inspiration in fashion, music, and his all-around attitude. Though many may call him arrogant, conceited, disrespectful and the list goes on, his talent is undeniable. He is the man everyone loves to hate and hate that you love him. He is an artistic genius as I've probably stated in too any posts before. It's not that I have a love for Kanye in that groupie kind of way, I just really respect his vulnerability, truthfulness and his style isn't too shabby either (ok it's nothing short of amazing.)

Let's have a toast to the Louis Vuitton Don.

One of my favorite G.O.O.D Friday songs:
Christian Dior Denim Flow by Boomshakalakaah

xo tatespia

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