Sunday, October 31, 2010

Loving You No More

I've recently been loving this song Dirty Money came out with called Loving You No More. They actually did their thing on this one, Diddy digging into his emotional side for a change, so I applaud them. Drake of corse came through as usual, didn't disappoint. There's just something about how Drizzy is spitting out those words in the music video that is delicious. Have a Monday, Enjoy!

Uh, trying not to over think
Only cause I’ve drove and I done had a lot to drink
When I wanted it blue you said we got to paint it pink
And there’s pieces of ya hair still sittin in my sink
And you still got underwear that’s sittin in the dryer
How come every time that you’re suspicious I’m a liar?
You stand out, I can hear you whistle in a choir
And that’s the only reason you the Mrs. I admire
Damn. Tell me what I’m gone do
Since everything I’m trying to forget is all true
Me and all your main girls get along too

I would take my last dollar out and bet it on you
But ahhhhh, you see the same one I’m missing
Is basically the reason I became something different
And just that I remember me before
And if you could do the same baby then we’ll be for sure


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