Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hampton Etiquette

The night took a random twist from what out original mission was but that's what makes the best of nights right?! A couple of us headed to The Clift Hotel Redwood Room for a supposed event, which turned out to be a flop, yet we found a new gem within the hotel lounge. It officially became our new spot. The lighting, the bar, the atmosphere... it was all a win win. Definitely hit that up when you're in San Francisco.

As the event was non-existent we headed back to the apartment to have an "after-party." It turned out to be a night full of laughs and music. Just shows even when a night feels like a bust, it'll work out for the better! Optimism and a little creativity is key.

(Photo Credit: LindsayAmandaPhotography)

Song of the evening:
Kanye West - Runaway (INTRO) by SayChris3x
Gatta always have that toast to the douchebags

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