Friday, October 22, 2010

Lyrics Are Sexy

(photo: drake-online.com)

I am currently OBSESSED with Rihanna's new song "What's My Name". I personally have no care in the world for Rihanna, but I am one of Aubrey's biggest fans. So therefore I had to listen to this song...aaaand I'm in love. The lyrics are so sexy.

I heard you good with them soft lips
Yeah you know word of mouth
The square root of 69 is 8 something
Cuz I’ve been tryna work it out, oooow
Good weed, white wine
I come alive in the night time
Okay, away we go
Only thing we have on is the radio

Rihanna Feat. Drake - What's My Name by shigethehrsmcity

lindss ox

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