Saturday, October 23, 2010

MJ Withdrawls

photo credit: Ashley Nguyen

Got up this morning with MJ playing through my head, which is probably one of the best ways to wake up. I don't know exactly what inspired this, maybe it had to do with Jon B's performance last night as he sung a little Michael, who knows but we've sat here this morning listening to all the MJ tracks on my computer and it was the hardest task to narrow down our top 3 favorites. I'm not sure if we've captured them but this is what it is for now. MJ inspires so many things and people and above is from a photo shoot my brother, Seve (SBW) did and he had the chance to do whatever poses he wanted at the end and this is what he ended up with, you can definitely see inspiration there.

RIP Michael Jackson, you're always missed.

SBW's Fave:
Michael Jackson - Who Is It by Crawsome Girl

Linds Fave:
Michael Jackson- Dirty Diana by pantera chick

TatesPia Fave:
Michael Jackson - Give in to me by vnvkvv

What's your favorite MJ song?

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