Friday, October 22, 2010

Blackberry Captures

Take wayyyyy more photo's than you think is necessary because it's always the random little odd ones that bring the most laughter. A photograph after all is capturing a memory so always capture memories; destroy them, document them.

Quick snaps of life since summer. Sorry for sooooo many photos, we just had a lot to catch up on!
Max Brenner - Broadway and 14ST. Manhattan, New York
If you haven't been, plan a trip to NY around this chocolate factory heaven.
June 29th
Twenty-first bday - Upper East Side Surrey Hotel Rooftop

The end of the 21st .. ended up in Queens
BevMo - SF

Thai Thai - California & Hyde, SF
Our home away from home
open til 2AM, yes please
Protesting in SF? what else is new

HANS - Leavenworth and Sutter, SF
If you love Bfast, love saving money and love good tasting food
Hit it up... now !
The most amazing idea created
open til 4am - SOMA, SF - 2nd and Howard
Linds job
One of the most amazing places given to man
Mango Mantra (soy) and Orange Carrot are our go-to's
The Standard Meatpacking District NY
drinks and atmosphere are on point!
Ma's care packages are pretty epic!
Kiss and Fly Club
Lust... just coped these babies, coming soon!

Zen out - Chinatown, SF
Ma's care package #2.. YUM
Santa Monica Red Velvet Fro-Yo
if you haven't tried it, your missing out on pure bliss
Thai Thai again... we told you
First day, senoir year... had to do it

Watchin the VMA's in a liquor store
real HAM move.
My faveeeee nailpolish
Chef Tates .. top: Curry Salmon, bottom: Jerk Shrimp
Lunch with La Sara


Basically our life.. Hour cardio and little light reading
Thai Fried Banana and coconut ice cream....
enough said.
Amazingggg organic Tomato bisque
Soup Company
Yelawolf performing @ 330 Ritch- SF
 and after random sidewalk egg
Jerk Salmon
Chinatown exploring
Sneak peek!

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