Monday, May 23, 2011

Twin Peaks

It's been so quiet on sodestroyit for the past few days as we took a little trip to Vegas for the
weekend. Lindsay finally turned 21, as you know, and it was only proper to rage for a weekend
in her honor. As her birthday was the 19th, I rented a car and Katrina, Hunter, Joey and I surprised Linds and drove up to Twin Peaks which has a sick view of the Bay. It's a must see on your SF to do list. So we rang in her birth up there with music, a few drinks and hella laughs. It was a nice chill night in prep for Vegas.

Tons of pictures to come over the next days of Vegas. I have a new found love for film so I
brought it back and bought hella disposable cameras for the weekend. We shot digital and video
also, so get ready homies, most of what happened in Vegas had to stay in Vegas, but we brought
a little taste back.
note: don't drink and drive. 
Katrina is an excellent designated driver she enjoyed her lemonade.


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