Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Beginning the Move

As module 15 commences aka the last week of senior year, I find myself starting to pack
up my apartment (tear, tear). The move to New York for the summer shouldn't be so
stressful, as this is my fourth time, yet again, it feels like the first. As many know, yet I'm 
still glared at each time that I state that I don't heart NY, sadly it's where I need to be a few 
months out of the year. Originally an island girl, I find myself oh so comfortable in laid back
 San Francisco and I would never want to give this place up, but here I am doing it again. 
This summer as I've stated so many times, is crucial. So much has to happen yet all I want to
 do is is have time to do nothing, clearly not an option in the concrete jungle. I will bid adieu to
 my home away from home at the end of May with a new adventure aka internship starting June 
1st. I may be back in September or I may not, that's pretty much how life is after graduation. 
I will go to where ever I am supposed  to end up. As I pack, I notice how much stuff I need to 
sell and get rid of and how much my shoe collection has grown (fine, I'll admit I may have a problem) and the photo above feels like a good representation of the amount suitcases I may need for shoes alone..... I think I may be in a lot of trouble.  Hopefully I get a nice person at the airport who won't charge for extra baggage (fingers crossed)......not likely.

photo via myvibemylife

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