Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dear San Francisco,

As night one in New York comes to a close, I already miss San Francisco and all it's brought me. It's given me a chance to grow and be who ever I want to be, even if that changes on a daily basis. It is a place that will always have my heart, a second home and brought me close to some of the most fantastic people I have ever met. The most random memories stick with me and the spontaneous trips that always seemed to occur at odd hours of the morning, i miss it and will everyday until I return. 

Most places you don't realize how much you adore them until you've left but San Fran, you know it's going to hurt before you're even close to leaving. It's just a weird, little, special city that captures everyone who enters it, without fail, making them feel at home for millions of different reasons. As of right now I will be away for 3 months but the time could be longer depending on many factors and it drives me nuts not knowing. I'm sure I will be making a trillion random trips throughout the summer but as of right now my stuff are packed in tons of boxes wondering where they will be shipped and it's a totally uncomfortable feeling.

To the people who I've met there, thank you for making it different, exciting and entertaining. And to the homies, who even doing absolutely nothing with is somehow always a good time -- Lindsay, Katrina, Hunter, Phillip, Cente and Tyler, tons of reunions, laughs and music videos are in our futures. You guys are the shit, thank you for every little thing. Drink in SF every minute and I'll be back oh so soon!


sn: This post is clearly super dramatic, buttttt suck it up :)

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