Monday, May 9, 2011

Lord Montague

Yes, The dog named after The Montague's from Romeo and Juliet. We call him Monty for short....with a whole bunch of different names as well. Anyways, I'm doing this post because this man/dog is the apple of my eye. I miss him 24/7. It especially doesn't help that he's getting older. Come next month this Old Mans will be 15 years old. Which if I do the math correctly, is 105 years in Dog Years. Everyday when I talk to my parents I ask how the dogs are doing I occasionally hear Daisy barking in the background cause she's not as old as him and is still young and annoying, and also might I mention the baddest bitch on the block....Anyways, I'm always concerned about Monty. I'm scared that one day I'm gonna get that frantic phone call from my Mom, or my Dad speechless in tears. I will honestly drop whatever I'm doing and hop on the next flight back home to say goodbye. This dog is honestly one of the BEST things to happen to my family. I love him dearly and I will forever and always!
Love ya Montz!
Peeps :)

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