Friday, June 24, 2011

Pucci Resort 2012

I've come to the conclusion that I obviously need to head over to Italy again.
Though the people I encountered in Rome scared me for life, going 
down in the books as some of the rudest people... I've ever met,
I'm kind of in love with their fashion designers (and Italian Vogue.. 
ok plus fetticini and gelato). For the fashion, I suppose I can suck up 
the attitudes, after all here I am in New York summer after summer, 
with some of the worlds bitchiest.**

Anyway, back to fashion, well Pucci. It's always a pleasure experiencing 
your new collections. It literally brightens up my day and reminds me
why I wanted to enter this industry with each viewing. The colors, the prints,
the attention to detail but mostly the effortless chic. The silhouettes are 
simple and the styling is pretty minimalist but the geometric prints
and color combinations take the designs to another level. 
I'm so in love, season after season. Thank you.
** note: I mean the general attitude and mood in NY, not the people I work with. K bye.


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