Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New York Twenty

This week was full of entertaining moments, long nights
really annoying people and fun surprises. So this time
you get 20 instead of 10, there was just so much


20 Things I've Learned In NY:

1. Brooklyn > Manhattan.

2. Liquor is really cheap at the Bedford Stop
 but not on Bedford Ave.

3. Just Salad will make you whatever you want,
once it falls into what they want to make you,
no exceptions.

4. Jeggings are apparently in?
I can't be apart of it.

5. An epic (Hanner) fall is completely
worth it compared to standing
in an Editors way.

6. People that you think aren't human,
apparently have a soul at
the end of the month.

7. Editing out means keeping
everything you think is
 kinda cute.

8. When one door of drama shuts,
another one must always open.

9. "If Luna doesn't do work, I don't do work."

10. Themed Friday's get way more
enthusiasm from the mailroom
than the closet.

11. People you work with will become
"family" as you eat breakfast, lunch
and dinner with them.

12. Sunday Brunch Day is
essential from now on.

13.Weekends are more entertaining
living in a hotel, even if you do nothing.

14. "If you have to cry,
go outside."

15. SoHo shopping beats 5th Ave.
shopping hands down.

16. Everyone talks shit,
get over it.

17. Two words: TEAM ALISON.

18. 90's music should be revived and sung
everyday to keep sane.

19. If you're going to snowboard or ski
make sure your gear is Chanel.

20. If it weren't for the last
minute, NOTHING would
ever be completed.

photo by DW


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