Saturday, June 11, 2011

New York Ten

random photos thanks to Hanner Greenberg and Danielle Wallis

Ten things I've learned in New York:

1. A vegetarian quesadilla only costs $4.90
 in the Time & Life cafĂ©.

2. Life is one big dress up party 
(or at least a lot of my internship is).

3. Walgreens >  Duane Reade.

4. Wednesday is the new Saturday.

5. Closet Forts are the only way to stay
 sane on 12 hour days.

6. There are a lot of words I randomly 
say that still sound like I have
 a Bahamian accent.

7. I can stay on my feet for 
12 hours straight.

8. Desserts are half off on Fridays.

9. Apparently dating 40 years 
olds is so in, with 24 year old
 NY girls.

10. I'm obssessed with 
Mugler shoes and must own a pair.


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