Wednesday, June 22, 2011


 Cool hues are always so refreshing on a hot as hell day like today, until it rained.
It was a pretty relaxing day at the office yet I'm exhausted.

It's always entertaining/ nice to hear people comment on your personal style.
It's surprising the little things that they notice, which makes getting dressed
even more fun. I'm a bit nostalgic for SF today so I wore two watches, 
one watch on NY time and one on SF time (yeah, I'm pretty weird).  
It felt good to feel like I had an extra 3 hours in the day, depending 
on what watch I looked at that is.
dress: H&M. socks, silver watch and vest: Thrift. necklace: Forever 21.
treble clef ring: random SF. gray watch: ASOS. booties: Lollipop

photos by Danielle Wallis of theramnyc


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