Sunday, June 19, 2011

New York Ten

photos by Danielle Wallis of theramnyc

Ten things I've learned in NY:

1. Being polite or nice to a true New Yorker will make 
he/she really, really uncomfortable, which it is hilarious
and therefore now my mission to irritate them to the fullest.

2. This seems to be a common trend, 
"I'm not eating lunch but I'm going to take lunch anyway."

3. People who have interned for almost a year think that they 
are editors-in-chief yet they are not receiving a salary.

4. Brooklyn (Williamsburg) and San Francisco have a lot in common,
and I dig it.

5. Pizza by the slice on the Lower East side is NOT a good time,
but Chinese food is epic in the LES.

6. New York has a shit ton of people from San Fran and you
will run into them at any point in the day, in any part of
the city.

7. Coffee Patron and Dunkin' Donuts iced coffee paired
 is a GREAT time.

8. The L train to Brooklyn is such a brat,
it has a new issue, EVERY weekend.

9. Express trains are a slice of heaven.

10. Don't trust anyone, there's always a scam in the air.


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