Monday, April 18, 2011

We All Get Dressed For Bill

I went and watched this documentary tonight, finally and I fell in love with the man. 
He exerts this calm feeling with a bit of humor. He appears to be a super laid back person, 
unaffected by the misery and hype of the state of New York, though he has called it home for years. 
He lives a very simple life but works every waking moment of it. He has the New York 
attitude of hard work, drive and dedication to his craft; eating, sleeping and breathing it,
 for example literally storing fashion magazines and photo negatives instead of kitchen appliances.
He loves what he does and therefore can't really consider it much of a job. He is an inspiring
person and offers relief that everyone doesn't get swallowed and trade smiles for frowns in the
concrete jungle. If you haven't watched this or know anything about Bill, you should head on
over to Google and the nearest theater. It was the kind of film where you're so inspired that you
sit and watch the credits run until the very end hoping that there is extra footage to come.
He is really a charming, hard working man with a vibrant personality.

Bill Cunningham, I thank you for being you and keeping
happiness and true fashion alive in the Big Apple, you are simply marvelous.


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