Monday, December 12, 2011

New Yawk

I'm from New York. I curse a lot and say "yo". I know what real pizza tastes like and I know that a bagel is more than a roll with a hole in the middle. It's a hero not a hoagie, sub, or a grinder, and I wash it all down with... soda, not pop or cola. 4am is an early night out and all good nights must end at a diner (NO, Ihop is NOT a diner in comparison, sorry). A beer can be known as a cold one ......and we can get one at all hours of the day and night. Yeah I'll "cawl" ya later so we can "tawk"...get over it! I know that 55mph really means 90 and when someone cuts me off they get the horn and the finger-they expect it. I can hold my own in a fight. I'm from "New Yawk" and what?! Go get me a cawfee!! :) 
I'm PROUD of my New York Culture.

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